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Getting Started Questions and Answers

» I signed up for a package now what?
Within 24 hours of your order, a sales representative will call to confirm your order. Please note that all accounts have to be confirmed via phone for security reasons. If your number is not correct your order will not be processed. Once we receive confirmation a welcome email will be sent containing all your login & password information and tell you how manage your website.

» I purchased my domain name from you now what?
Domain registration usually takes 24 hours to process. Once the process and order is confirmed we will make the necessary name server changes to ensure your web-site works correctly. If you decide to host your website elsewhere please send us the necessary DNS name server details and we will adjust them accordingly.

» My web-site is registered elsewhere!
If you already have a web-site registered elsewhere please ensure that the DNS name servers are modified correctly to point to our site. If the name servers are not changed your website will not work. Our name servers are

» I have access but do not know where to store my files?
You can upload your files to the system several ways.

1. You can use your favorite FTP client to ftp the information to the server. Once you ftp into the server make sure all your files are placed in the public_html directory. If you place them outside of that directory your account will not work.

2. If you are using frontpage simply publish and it will put all the information in the right directory. Please note if you get a publish error simply e-mail support@net-force.ca and ask them to install the frontpage extensions in your account. Please note that once you have access to the control panel you may install the extensions your self simply by clicking “install frontpage extensions”.

3. Last but not least if you are using Dreamweaver. In The connection settings simply use the following:

Hostname : put in your domain or your ip address
username : Username given to you in the welcome email
Password : Password given to you in the welcome email
Directory ( document root ) : public_html

Please note these are the most common questions and program's used. If you have any other questions regarding any other issues please e-mail support@net-force.ca and we will reply to you promptly and add your question and solution to our FAQ database for future reference.

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